We stick to what we know and love; PR and media management for the hair and beauty industry. Simple.

Of course our knowledge of the professional hairdressing industry is about as good as it gets, and if you can share your vision with us, then trust us, we can make it come alive.

At Summersby Media we strongly believe in sticking to what you’re good at and leaving the rest to the experts. We’re rubbish with figures – so our accountants take care of all that number crunching, and we openly admit that when computers go wrong we don’t have a clue how to fix them – that’s why we have an IT Manager to ensure we’re always at the forefront of technology. But one thing we do well is communicate using the rights words, in the right places, to the right people, at the right time.

Professional Copywriting

Writing magazine features, news stories, brochures, client newsletters, award entries and advertorials is second nature to Summersby Media. If you know what you want to say, but aren’t quite sure how to say it, then why not let us figure that out for you? There are lots of subjects that are rocket-science to us, but copywriting isn’t one of them, and we guarantee we’ll get your message across in a sharp and savvy way that will get you noticed.

Public Relations

We feel strongly that a respectable public relations company does so much more than send out press releases and head out for lunch every day. Whether you are a global manufacturer or a small business that wants to get noticed, Summersby Media can work with you to help achieve your objectives.

With our extensive journalism experience we know what makes a News Editor want to read past the first sentence, and a Features Writer put their coffee down and take note. As for events – we’ve been to some and the best (and worst) around the world, so we like to think we can offer advice on organising an event that really does result in column inches.


Maybe you’re a small business that needs a website but you have no idea where to start, or your website needs rewriting and your skills in this area are limited. Summersby Media can help in all areas of web writing and we have contacts with some red-hot designers that are bursting with creative ideas.

Corporate Communication

Communicating with your team has never been so vital, and we appreciate that newsletters, emails and company brochures all take time – so if you’d like to leave it to us, we’ll gladly get your messages across without sending your team to sleep in the process.


Our knowledge of the professional hairdressing industry is about as good as it gets; so if you want to rack our brains and take advantage of our wisdom, then get in touch. We can advise on everything from product portfolios to photo shoots, and if we personally can’t help, we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.